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Re: Why does Batman leave his mouth exposed?

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In this day and age, I wonder if the whole idea of the Waynes going to a movie theater at all might be anachronistic. If they're so rich, wouldn't they have a fancy home-theater system in Wayne Manor? For that matter, why were they attending a theater in such a bad part of town in the first place, and why were they walking instead of being chauffeured?

Although I think the idea in the Bronze Age, when "Crime Alley" was introduced, was that Park Row was only starting to go into decline when the Waynes were murdered, that that was the harbinger of its deterioration into the cesspool it became.
In the modern re-telling, they are murdered when they step outside to see if the broadband cable has come out and that is why Netflix's has stopped.

Mark Waid recently did an update of Captain America's origins where the first President he meets is Obama which is sorta nice and the Punisher is now a Gulf war veteran.
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