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Re: Let's See Your STAR TREK Stuff!

Trek bizarre by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Clockwise, from top: A "United Federation of Planets" beanie bear; "The Penetrator" glow-in-the-dark starship condom and hexagonal box; a zombies "Star Trek" patch; "Star Wrek" VHS candy; and (centre) the Kraft "marshmelon" dispenser and plastic cutlery from "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier".

Star Trek cereal by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Yummy galaxy-shaped "Star Trek" cereal, with marshmallows depicting Command yellow insignia, Science blue insignia, Engineering/Services red insignia, planet Earth (centre) and planet Vulcan (lower left).

#128 by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Customs - Star Trek action figures by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Depicted here are some of my one-off customs: Trader Worf from "Deep Space Nine: Trials and Tribble-ations"; alien crewmembers M'ress and Arex from Filmation's "Star Trek: The Animated Series"; the Rhaandarite bridge ensign from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"; Tuvix, from the "Voyager" episode of the same name; and Doctor Selar from "The Next Generation: The Schizoid Man", made by customising the head of one of Suzie Plakson's other characters, the Klingon K'Ehleyr, and attaching it to Doctor Crusher's body, which gives Selar the uncanny visage of the actress who portrayed her.

The large Andorian Starfleet officer was created by combining elements of two Funko "Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Heads".

The boxed "Captain Janeway figure as seen in the 'Voyager' episode, 'Flashback'" is a licensed Playmates figure, made as an exclusive for New Force Comics. Ian won a listserv competition with his design. The brief was for contestants to suggest a figure that would be popular enough to attract lots of online buyers, but could be assembled by Playmates using all pre-existing parts. This figure uses the head of the regular Janeway figure on Saavik's body.

Colorforms Star Trek set by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

This popular cartoon-creation playset is dated 1975. As per the era, the play pieces were printed on pieces of blue, red, yellow and white vinyl. Some pieces were lost by the previous owner. Kirk, Spock, Uhura and a distant transporting crewman are included. (Like the Mego action figure playset, there's a transporter on the bridge.) Alien heads supplied are Dr Sevrin the Tiburonian (whose hippy-clothed torso is also present), either Lal or Thann the Vian, and the false-Balok puppet head.

Star Trek Experience Christmas ornaments by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Tribble by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Screen-used tribble prop from the 1960s "Star Trek" episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles" by David Gerrold. This is supposedly the last of its kind, found in the back of a drawer in David Gerrold's garage in 2002, and he wrote a letter of provenance for it! Over 500 prop tribbles were made. Tan tribbles like this have a unique two-toned fur due to being dyed darker with toothbrushes after each unit was made.

Famous Faces Spock mug by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

I missed my chance to pick up the dog calendar for 2011 that featured the "Star Trek" Spock caricature on its cover last year (I held out for a reduced price as the year raced towards December, but they quickly sold out), but today I found several of the canine images... as mugs - and cheaper than the original calendar. From Takkoda (UK).

Salt Vampire by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

My retro Mego-style Salt Vampire from the "Star Trek" episode, "The Man Trap".
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