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Re: Supernatural 8x12 "As Time Goes By" spoiler discussion thread

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Supernatural has coincidences that make Lost look like everything that happened was completely random and unrelated.

So their Father who we found out in one of the other time travel episodes had no idea what supernatual creatures were or what hunting was ended up introduced to it by their Mother because it was *HER* side of the family that was hunters.

So now we found out that the Father's side of the family actually were recorders of Supernatural history?
Except it's not a coincidence. It was stated very explicitly that the union of Sam & Dean's parents was a result of them upstairs pulling strings. It's just now we know *why* their father's bloodline was important.

As to the time travelling bit...while it's unlikely that Abaddon knew about Heaven's agenda, it was just a hired gun, so perhaps it's boss (Azazel?) at least hand an inkling that Winchester was important and sent it there to get the box at that time with the express intent of derailing Heaven's plan. Him zapping himself into the future probably wasn't in either party's agenda, but that's free will for you.
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