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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - Jan 2012

So, perhaps predictably, the discussion has moved onto the paint job on the Enterprise.

We are deciding what to paint Galileo - wouldn't mind a few thoughts.

Thanks to a dedicated fan, we have some paint chips from Galileo original wood. They are >40 years old and you we do worry they are not necessarily representative.

Also, we have various reference photos, albeit under studio lighting. The image from "Way to Eden" seems closest to sunlight.

Also, we have the colors on the ship as of the restoration from the 1990s.

Also, thanks to the generosity of Ed Miarecki, we have the exact paint color used on the Smithsonian model.

They're all "grey" but i wouldn't say that any are the same.

And of course, have to ask, does anyone want weathering or damage? The original shot from the "Galileo 7" showed burn marks and damage on the ship and nacelles.

I think we can eliminate grid lines.

Will read all thoughts but the ultimate reasoning and choice is ours.
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