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Re: Dating Range?

I'm one of the difficult people For me, really, it's all about the person. Age is not a huge deal. I can be equally attracted to a woman at 50 as I can a woman at 22. I think the only real limit I have is I tend I to avoid anyone under 20...I'm just setting myself up for trouble otherwise.

That being said, I do tend find the most "potential" with women -5/+5 years within my own age range. Mostly because of things like where you are in life and such. Might make a potential relationship easier.
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I'm also a big fan of Katy Perry. She's so damned adorable.
Yeah, I'm a big fan of Katy as well. Besides tho obvious factor that she's gorgeous, I really dig her attitude. She can be both silly and serious. Pretty much the only "pop starlet" at the moment I really like.
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