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Re: Camera movement and other driecting bits

Last time I watched it I thought there was some great direction in (I think) "Elaan Of Troyius" in TOS season three. Lots of 'walk and talk' scenes where the camera is just left running and the actors gradually go through the exposition in a single take. I like that kind of stuff, where you're almost watching the actors giving a real-time, 'live' performance, without any of the intrusive technical jiggery-pokery.

I too am not a fan of "over the shoulder" shots when people are talking. I always feel that talky scenes with lots of cutting back and forth from actor to actor have been done to either A) hide the fact that one of them is a stand-in rather than the actual actor; B) hide the fact that one of them was having trouble remembering their lines and they had to cherry-pick from the best takes; or C) both of the above. I appreciate why it's a standard television procedure, but give me two actors playing directly off each other with no jump cuts any day of the week.

Sometimes IMO the technical aspects of shooting do get in the way of the real 'magic'.
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