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Re: Was 'Ten Forward' always on the ship?

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Do you actually think Stafleet builds bar modules and plugs them into ships?

Find an empty room, carry one or two replicators in, add a few tables and chairs and you're done.

Parts of the ship being empty most likely refers to the possibility of a adding cargo areas, additional sickbays, crew quarters etc. depending in the mission, it's not about changing the interior of a room.
Or, it could have been a generic observation lounge that they decided to jazz up.

But, as long as it's nothing that structural integrity depends upon, why not feel free to knock down the 24th century equivalent of drywall and change the deck plan layout?


However, it appears that the discussion of modifying rooms on the Ent-D is academic. From

Ten Forward was introduced in TNG: "The Child", the first episode of the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, TNG: "All Good Things..." established that it was an unseen part of the ship until then.

PICARD: Counsellor, do you remember when I first came on board the Enterprise?
TROI: Yes.
PICARD: What happened after the welcoming ceremony?
TROI: There was a reception in Ten Forward. I introduced you to Worf and the other senior officers.
PICARD: Do you have any memory of my calling Red Alert in Spacedock? Do you remember Starfleet diverting us from Farpoint to the Neutral Zone to investigate a spatial anomaly?
So, evidently, in universe, Ten Forward was present ever since Picard came aboard as Captain.
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