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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

Someone certainly did use the word quim!

Some niceties did survive the lostness of Earth that was

And yes the details.. the beautiful beautiful details. Such a richly visual show. Makes for wonderful rewatching. I keep pausing to study those "distractions"

I'm wondering what this wine bottle says:

And see how it says St. Lucy's Medical Center above the doorway? I'm wondering if there is a medical center down that passage of if this big old space hub used to BE a medical center, in part anyway. Perhaps it's a reclaimed piece of old space tech now in private hands, someone making money off rent space and docking and fueling.

I wish DS9's promenade looked like this. I think they wanted Quark's to have this kind of disreputable element but it's a very vanilla place in comparison. And Kira and Odo freaking out about the tiniest legal discrepancies makes you realize it was never going to be all that gritty.

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