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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

I believe the Defiant Class in opposition of the Borg is supposed to be a fleet of ships.

Imagine 15 Defiants in formation concentrating their firepower.

Resources to construct

1 Sovereign Class Ship = 15 Defiant lass Ships.


1 Sovereign Class Ship = 5 Defiant Class Ships.


1 Sovereign Class Ship = 1 Defiant ships.

The Defiant is a couple massive guns strapped to a speedy warp drive.

Because it's so much huger is it might actually be easier for the Borg to assimilate a Sovereign class vessel? But if it's only equally as easy to assimilate/lose a Defiant as a Sovereign, when it costs 15 times the resources to build a Sovereign it's wholly more economical to only take the little ships into battle against the Borg if any 5 little ships have the same fire power at barely a third the price in resources.
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