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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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I posted this somewhere else, but I think it's appropriate here as well:
I went and counted the number of times that the Borg appear in Voyager, and, not counting holographic representations or hallucinations, came up with a grand total of only 17 direct, actual run-ins between them and Voyager (16 with live Borg and one with a Borg corpse). Given that the Delta Quadrant is the Borg's home base/territory, the amount of times they had direct run-ins with Voyager really ought to have been much, much higher.

I've never personally bought into this whole idea that Voyager 'ruined' the Borg, BTW; the series 'humanized' them and made it easier to justify using them as a recurring antagonist group akin to the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Kazon, Viidians, Hirogen, and Dominion (among others), which, IMO, is exactly what ought to have happened, as it would've been unrealistic for Voyager to only encounter the Borg a handful of time - even with the size and expanse of the Delta Quadrant - given that it had been previously established that the Borg were capable of ranging far and wide and given that, as noted, the DQ is the species' home base/territory; it would've also been just as unrealistic for the Borg to continue to remain the nigh-invincible, unstoppable antagonistic super-force they were portrayed as in TNG because, unlike in that series, Voyager would, by necessity, likely keep running into them and would therefore learn from each encounter with them and logically become better equipped to deal with them, with the reverse also being true.
You kidding?

In TNG, they had the entirety of starfleet coming up with weapons, defences, even a purpose built starship in the defiant.
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