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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

My Own Worst Enemy was about a spy who had brainwashed himself into being a boring suburbanite when he wasn't on missions so that no one could find him and kill him. 9 episodes. The series started when the brainwashing started breaking down, and he'd be on mission and the suburbanite would pop out, or he'd be in suburbia and the spy would have sex with his wife too well. I thought it was fantastic.

Do No Harm, I saw a couple weeks ago illegally, and it was awful.

It's Jekyll and Hyde, but who cares.

The same actor is/was in another pilot that came out about the same time "Over/Under" so I assumed that that was the show which he was in because no sane bugger in the world would pick up Do No Harm.

If your alterego wants to rape all your female friends and relatives, and you don't stick a gun in your mouth and pull the tiger to stop him, it's perhaps obvious that we know who the real jerk in this equation is.
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