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Effects updates you'd like to see for TNG-remastered.

TOS remastered didn't just give us more realistic-looking shots, but actually replaced some spacecraft at times. (In "the Ultimate Computer", the starbase was changed from a K7 type to a Vanguard type, and the Woden from a DY-100 looking thing to a TAS-era freighter look).

Are there any similar shots you'd like to see replaced with something new? Here's some I thought of:

-It might be nice to have a new look for the Bozeman, instead of just a Miranda with some extra stuff on the back.

-I'd like to see the Arcos more clearly in "Legacy"

-It's probably too late for this one, but those abnormally large BoP's surrounding the Romulans in "The Defector" would look better as a couple of Vor'chas.

-I'd also like to see more of the blockade fleet in "Redemption Part 2".

-Hopefully, we can also finally get rid of that unsightly phaser-from-the-torpedo-tube shot in "Darmok".

Any others you'd like to see replaced?
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