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Re: O?Neil As Garrett: A Badge Of Honor

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She also had a major part in a Babylon 5 ep, Believers. A very good actress.
She played two roles on B5. The first was in "Believers" (which was written by David Gerrold, BTW) where she played an the female half of an alien couple who won't let Dr. Franklin operate on their boy because of cultural beliefs against surgery (cutting him open will allow his soul to escape or something like that). It's an interesting, thought provoking episode, but it's such a downer ending that it's not one I care to rewatch.

The second was the President of the Earth Alliance in the movie "In the Beginning". She just has one scene appealing to ANY Earth ship, military or civilian, to join in the Battle of the Line (the final, seemingly hopeless, confrontation against the Minbari fleet over Earth, for anyone who, for whatever reason, hasn't seen B5), acknowledging that no ship has a hope of surviving, but every minute buys more time for civilians to escape.

It's a moving scene, but I read in an interview that she still rates playing Captain Garrett above being the President of Earth!

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Memory Beta confirms this pretty much. Personally I don't think anyone would spend their entire career on one ship from Ensign to CO...

And Garrett was awesome as a CO. Cool, controled, full of hidden badassery. AND her hair was friggin ROCK HARD after she left sickbay. They must have sprayed a transparent cast onto her head.

Rachel Garrett - thematic precursor to Kathryn Janeway? Discuss.

I actually found Garrett infinitely more likeable, but it's hard to compare a one-shot character to a seven-season one. A lot of that is writing too.

She was really the first female captain of any substance in Star Trek. The Saratoga captain in ST4 really didn't do much, and Trylla Scott warned Picard to watch out for those parasites in "Conspiracy", but didn't even follow her own advice.

Most of the ones who came after her weren't much more memorable: Captain Zaheva of the Brattain was only seen in recordings getting progressively more paranoid without REM sleep. We didn't really get to see what Geordi's mom was like as a captain.

Captain Benteen, the only female captain on DS9. had an impressive battle with the Defiant, but we only saw it from the Defiant crew's POV. Ironically, Janaway, IIRC was the ONLY female Starfleet captain on Voyager. Captain Hernandez did pretty well for herself. I wouldn't have minded if she had continued to show up and help out in the occasional episode, kind of like Sulu did in ST6.

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Rachel Garrett was a badass Captain, who deserved the E-C. Its just such a shame she was KIA, I would have loved to seen more of her. She is definately the kind of CO I would have followed into a hopeless battle.

Luckily though Tricia O'Neil returned twice more to Trek as a Klingon scientist (Kurak?) and then as Korinas in DS9 (who is another character I would have loved to have seen return).
Kurak's turned up as an engineer on the IKS Gorkon in the novels.

The first time I saw the episode "Defiant", I remember wanting to wipe that smug grin off Korinas' face. Not since Duras, I think, has a character been so wonderfully easy to hate. Pity we didn't see her with the Obsidian Order / Tal Shiar fleet, getting a well-deserved comeuppance a few episodes later.

All three roles were good, but Garrett, unquestionably, is the best one.
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