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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Sorry for bumping the thread, but I just found out about this show - and the game that goes with it - and have to say that it looks and sounds freaking brilliant. I've been looking for a Sci-Fi show to fall in love with since the end of BSG and the premature end of Caprica, and this thing sounds like it's going to have everything that I liked about those two shows and then some, and the prospect of interactivity between the show and the game has me giddy even though I don't normally play MMOs.

Based on the four Making Of videos that you can find on the official Defiance website, it sounds as if the interactivity between the show and the game is going to manifest itself in the form of the writers taking a look at what's happening in the game world and then tying major in-game events and whatnot into what's going on in the series and vice versa. This isn't likely to happen in real-time, but it does sound as if the PTB behind the show and the game fully intends to make things as interconnected as they can given that they really can't mimic the real-time story nature of the game.
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