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Re: TOS: Allegiance in Exile by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I'm actually kind of surprised that I'm the first member to vote this book as average. It's not that it's necessarily a "bad" story but it's just not what I would call a "memorable" story. Even though it covered the span of the last year mission it read more like an episode of TOS. The voicing was off on some of the main characters (especially Kirk) and at times they also felt out of character. The book seemed more like a pulp read or a 1990s trek book and not of the quality of the last ten years or so. It especially did not feel like a DRGIII novel at all and I say that as one who loves his other books. This was too cookie cutter and lacked the originality of his other books. Several scenes in the book were like...yea, yea, yea...been there done that before (especially the battle scenes).

No offense David, but you have written far better things and this book seemed like you were just collecting a paycheck. I know you have had several works on your plate and I hope that this was just a momentary lapse and your upcoming books will renew my faith in your writing skills. Not every episode or book for that matter is a "classic"!

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