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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I would bet that the Zhukov variant would be a fleet ship skin.
Daniel Stahl mentioned the following in a dev chat on the test server earlier:

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Ambassador is headed to Fleet Store - not C-Store from what I heard.

Also, other bits of news:

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: The term "Season 8" is dead to me - the next update in May is bigger than a season.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Denise is coming back in March to work on more missions with us.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We will consider fused gear along with other crafting ideas when we re-look at crafting in a future update.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Crafting is not in the May update - it is after.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are considering Risa for a future summer event.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: New UI that Thomas the Cat is working on is a reskinning and reLCARsing of existing UI - improving - not replacing.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are going to support your choice UI coloring.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Andorian Ship in Feb. Andorian ship might be ship(s).

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We may have multiple ships under you command in space when we hit Fleet Admiral ranks.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are redoing our Character Creator for May - almost completely remade.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: We are going to be adding more costume options for the next big update - more than normal.

<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Cryptic Designed Ships are coming - some in May.
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