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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness App Debuts

I'm less than impressed. It tells me that my device must be connected to the Internet for the initial app launch. It IS connected to the 'net. I see someone else online got the same notification, but no idea as to why this is happening.

I suppose I'd have problems even if I could get it to work as we (the husband and I) absolutely cannot get our Droid to work with maps (finding out location). It seems simple but he's never been able to get it to work properly and when I got the phone, neither could I, even though I'm pretty good with gadgets. I assume this app needs GPS working, does it not?

Oh well, you get what you pay for. All I got was the poster on the screen.

Edit: Well I'll be damned. I got the GPS and map working. It's sure quirky. When I first got the phone, the map absolutely refused to work. Bet it doesn't next time I try it.

No go on the app though.
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