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Re: O?Neil As Garrett: A Badge Of Honor

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She made history with the part of Captain Garrett: The first, and so far only, female Captain of a Federation Starship Enterprise.
Maybe onscreen, but in the novels I believe Demora Sulu took over command of the Ent-B when Harriman retired.

As for Garrett: We should have known what was coming when we first met her: her entire bridge smashed, she herself critically wounded, yet when Riker comes over and won't say what ship he's from, she says "You'll explain NOW, Commander!"
In canon, she is the first and only, female Captain of a Federation Starship Enterprise.

Her bad assery is also shown in her scene with Picard in Sickbay.
Garrett: You must have heard it. From the Klingon outpost Narendra Three. But you didn't. Did you? This sickbay, I've never seen anything like it, even on a starbase. And your uniform. What ship is this, Captain?

Crusher: Please try to be still.

Garrett: I must insist. What ship?
She stood up to Picard while still laying injured in sickbay.

And in Sickbay, she was also bad ass.

Garrett: Concentrate on the weapon systems. From what Captain Picard told me, the Federation can use all the help it can get.

Tasha: And soon. Our sensors have picked up Klingon warships in this sector, Captain.

Garrett begins to sit up.
Garrett: Why wasn't I informed Mister Castillo?

Castillo: Captain, you shouldn't...

Garrett: As senior officer, I want you to be my liaison to the Enterprise-D. Coordinate with Tactical.

Tasha: That's me, Captain.

Crusher walks over to Garrett.
Crusher: Where do you think you're going?

Garrett: I'm resuming my duties, Doctor.

Crusher: Captain, you need at least another twenty four hours.

Garrett: Nonsense, doctors always over-protect their patients.

Crusher: And captains always push themselves too hard.

Garrett: Doctor, my ship and crew need me now. Twenty-four hours might as well be twenty-four years.
She did have a lot of good lines.
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