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Ys I & II Chronicles coming to Steam on Feb 14

I'm not sure how many Ys fans are here (it's a very unknown series outside of Japan), so for those you who don't know it's simply the best Action RPG series ever made. Well, maybe not, but it's sure as hell in the running. Basically, these games play like Secret of Mana, Soul Blazer, Alundra, or The Legend of Zelda. Run around, kill things with a sword, walk around towns, listen to some of the best music of all time, level up, find items, etc. You all know the drill.

The series dates back to 1987 and has 11 games with a new game coming out for the Vita (with a Steam release expected at some point) later this year. If you enjoyed SNES/PSX style Action RPGs I guarantee that you'll absolutely love this. Take a look.

Ys I & II Chronicles on Steam
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