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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Right, finally finished the main part of the story with my Sith Inquistor!

Pretty good ending, I thought, and hugely satisfying to kick the big bad's butt (twice!) after all the crap he put me through across the second half of the story.

Still need to wrap up the Belsavis bonus series, and I want to complete all the companion stories too. I've done Khem & Andronikos so far. Khem's was satisfying, bringing that story to a decent end. Andronikos' was kind of cute, despite playing as a dark Sith, which made for a funny little story in its own way. I haven't really boosted the affections of any of the other companions much yet, so it'll take a while. I've got Talos about halfway, but Ashara and Xalek almost nothing. Is there a story for the ship droid?

I'm also only level 49, so want to get up to 50 and then have a look around Ilum and the like, and wrap up any remaining single player PvE content I might have missed along the way. Not sure how much I'll play my Inquisitor after all that though; I think I'll start a new character instead.

I like fighting from a distance, and I want something on the Republic side this time... but I also like the idea of something tanky this time too. Maybe Trooper Vanguard? Only thing, I'm not sure that the story will be particularly interesting... anyone played the trooper story here?

If I don't go for a tank, I'm thinking about a Smuggler instead, but the cover mechanic seems like a love/hate thing. I might start one off and see whether I can get into it and if not, switch to Trooper.

By the way, just for future reference, even as a free player doing almost no space missions or heroic/flashpoint group content, there was almost no grind required in the Inquistor story and no need for stupidly powerful or rare gear either. The game paced progression such that I was only a level behind by the end. A couple of times during the game, I did feel underlevelled (when just starting Alderaan, at the start of Belsavis, and most notably, when I first tried to fight the Avatar of Sel-Makor on Voss). But the missions were always still manageable if I played carefully (or in the case of the Voss mission, once I left that fight until after I completed everything else on the planet and so levelled up a couple more times). He was the hardest boss in the whole game, needing fairly precise interrupts. I died more times with Paladius due to his force-draining ability, but only until I figured out what tactic to use. He wasn't genuinely hard in the way the Avatar was. Thanaton was a little tricky, but nowhere near those guys.
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