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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Saul Tigh held the hatch open for his wife, and then he entered the conference room on Galactica, and he stopped dead cold. The Admiral was present, along with Lee Adama and Commander Lorne. So was the President and her aide Tory. And Athena. But Galen Tyrol and Starbuck were here as well, and that resistance leader from Caprica—Samuel Anders. And one of the Cavil Cylons dressed in the uniform of a Fleet Chaplain.

“What the frack is the toaster doing here?” he snarled, and then he nodded a sort-of apology at Athena. She wasn’t happy, but she nodded—and then she smiled. Why did she smile, Saul asked himself.

“He’s here, Colonel because I asked him here,” said the Admiral. He poured several glasses of Ambrosia—big glasses, and then he straightened up. “Brother Cavil is going to ask you to do something—all of you. Don’t ask questions, I just want you to do it.”

Saul frowned again and Brother Cavil stepped forward. “Colonel Tigh, would you stand there?” he asked. “Mister Anders, take his hand, and the hand of Miss Tigh.” He stepped up next to Ellen and handed her his hand, and then he nodded at Tory. “Miss Foster,” he said holding out his other hand, “then Athena, and finally Chief Tyrol. Galen, would you take Colonel Tigh’s hand please?”

“Bill,” Saul growled. But Adama shook his head, and Saul clasped Tyrol’s hand in his own.

And then Sam Anders, Athena, and Cavil began to chant a simple mantra. And something in Saul’s head went CLICK. It was as if the floodgates of memory opened and he remembered EVERYTHING from his entire life—including the events on Joyita, the terror at being captured by the Cylons, the pain of the memory extraction process, the death of his original body and his rebirth as a Cylon. He remembered it all. And he finally remembered every single detail of the last fourteen years perfectly.

His alcoholism, which began after Joyita; Ellen’s promiscuity; he remembered every single error of judgment he had made over fourteen years; all in response to the pain he did not even know he carried. Every time he let Bill down, he remembered in absolute perfection. And Saul Tigh fell to his knees holding his head.

“Gods,” he whispered. “Gods,” he cried.

And then Bill Adama was there and he handed him a glass—and Saul drank it all on one swallow.

“What the frack was that?” Starbuck said, and Sam turned to here. He had a very sad look on his face, and he took her hands.

“Kara,” he said gently, “we—Saul, Ellen, Galen, Tory, and me—we are the last Five of the Cylons.”

Starbuck jerked away. She shook her head, and a look just washed over her face. “No. NO.” she said as she limped back—the brace on her leg keeping her from bending her knee.

Saul got to his feet and he held Ellen, who was crying, and he sighed. “We are, Captain Thrace,” he said. “Gods help us, we are.”

Tyrol was just staring at Athena, “You knew? Boomer knew?”

“Boomer did not know—nor did Athena. Our memories of you were stolen from all of the Cylons by our creator—Daniel Graystone,” Brother Cavil answered. “You know the truth, Galen Tyrol. Search your memories.”

And the deck chief’s face went pale.

Adama stepped forward. “We,” he said gesturing towards Lee and Mathias and Laura, “have known about this since Sidewinder boarded this ship—but only a few others have been informed and so far they have kept their mouths shut. That is going to change. NONE of you five have committed any crimes,” he said with a glance at Laura who stood with no emotion at all playing over her features, “you are innocent. This is something that was done to you—a crime that was committed on your bodies and your minds.”

Mathias nodded his agreement and he spoke up. “Accept the truth, and know that none of us here see any of you differently than we did.”

“FRACK THAT!” yelled Starbuck. “THEY ARE CYLONS!” she screamed. “AND YOU KNEW?” She paused and shook her head again, and grabbed her crutch and moved towards the hatch.

“Kara, wait,” Sam said as he grabbed her arm, and she jerked away from him and spun around to punch him with a loud CRACK.


And she stormed out, leaving Sam sitting on the deck, holding his jaw.

“That went better than I expected,” said Lee. “Drink, Mister Anders?”

“I need one,” he said as he slowly stood back up, accepting a glass from the Commander of Pegasus.

Tory turned to Laura. “This is why I was assigned to Baltar, Madame President? You couldn’t trust me anymore?”

“I don’t trust you, Miss Foster,” she said in a cold voice. “And I will expect your resignation on my desk by morning,” then she smiled. “I have agreed to take no action against you—that doesn’t mean I have to work with you.”

“But I wasn’t a part of the at- . . .,” Tory began.

“I don’t care, Miss Foster. Pack your things—you are not staying on Colonial One nor are you working for me.”

Tory’s eyes flashed. “Madame President, I . . .,” but Laura cut her off.

“No. My mind is made up. I will not have a Cylon working in my office.”

She flushed. Even with her dark skin it was clear that Tory flushed and everyone could tell she was angry beyond words, and then she smiled.

“Athena,” she said, turning her head to face Sharon. “Hera is alive. The President ordered Cottle to fake her death and gave the child to Maya—her new assistant—to adopt. I will testify under oath that she ordered the kidnapping of your daughter and then had Cottle tell you she died in childbirth. Frack you, Madame President!” she snapped, and stormed off.

And everyone’s jaw dropped.

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