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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

Sigh. I'm tired of this argument. If you going on a vessel in which you're going to spend next couple decades of your life you'd probably want your family with you. Keep in mind that overall life on the Enterprise was extremely boring! Yes every few episodes the ship meets with some sort of situation that could kill all of them in one way or another but those are but a few days worth of time out of SEVEN YEARS worth of the mission!

It's sort of like saying it's too risky living in the city because a couple of times over the last few of years you almost got in a traffic accident. IIRC "Pen Pals" is an episode where the ship is doing research in a remote part of space and that episode in of itself passes over the course of weeks of time during which the ship was dicking around in that sector doing an analysis of the region. Yeah. Dangerous. Dangerously boring.
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