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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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So, you agree with me that it should be considered a service charge and you should also leave a voluntary tip if you received quality service, but the mere suggestion that the restaurant chain make an effortless programming change so their receipts distinguish between the two is indicative of incredibly stupid logic and on par with disclaimers like "Do not attempt" in car commercials where they're jumping cars off of cliffs and out of planes?

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How many tipping threads have we had where people have been confused by, irritated by, or unfamiliar with tipping customs in the US? To many foreign visitors it's bizarre, and even many people in the US dislike or are confused about the etiquette. So why not make it a bit simpler and avoid confusion when it's such an easy change and probably won't cost anything to implement?
It's already written on the menu. Yet clearly the pastor in question disagreed with the stated policy. Changing it to "service charge" likely would have not stopped her from crossing out the 18% and leaving zero anyway.

Your argument about foreigners being confused about our tipping policy is valid when there is a blank on the receipt to add tip. But in the case of this pastor, the 18% gratuity was already added on the receipt in ADDITION to a blank for additional tip. Nowhere did it say "Oh, if you think this server didn't deserve her mandatory 18%, feel free to cross it out and stiff her". As far as the pastor should have been concerned, she had been presented with an absolute minimum cost of the service of eating at that restaurant, and she chose to leave less. That'd be like me going to the gas station, filling up my tank, and telling the attendant "I feel like I only owe you $2 per gallon of gas, so here's $40."
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