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Re: January Art Challenge - Klaus

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Ensign Ro- wrote: View Post it. But we all know...hand rails aren't allowed near bottomless pits in the Star Wars universe. lol ;-)
...or at least they're strongly discouraged. You'd think that would have hiked the Empire healthcare plan to *ahem* astronomical levels.
quite the opposite. people can run into handrails and bruise themselves, requiring medical attention. if they fall into an open chasm and disappear in the labyrinthine depths of a warship's superstructure, well... we'll just mark them AWOL and terminate their pay and benefits.
Don't even get me started about that little trope! I hate it when there is a lack of handrails over a chasm where they have no right not to be there! I absolutely loathed it when I encountered areas while playing Star Wars Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy that lacked any hand rails, and as fun as it was push baddies down to their deaths, I was always afraid of accidentally overstepping and having my character fall to his death, and I couldn't help but think how terrifying it would be to walk through those areas in real life, unless I had wings or could otherwise defy gravity.
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