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Star Trek IV: Changes in the World since 1986

Interesting how the world of 1986 appeared to Kirk & Co.

1) Cold war tension between US and Russia.
2) People still relying mostly on newspapers for their info.
3) Few people with mobile communicators.
4) Society was "still using money."
5) Cranial surgery was shockingly crude.

Now, 26+ years later.

1) USSR is gone.
2) More and more papers and newsmagazines going online. I think Newsweek was the latest.
3) Smart phones everywhere.
4) Timebanks, which don't use money, are popular globally.
5) MRI scans are now standard practice. And a 3D printer was used a year ago to make an artificial jaw for an elderly woman.

I wonder what we will see in another 26+ years?
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