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Re: NOW a January Challenge Entry - Ptrope

Ladies and gentlemen, my publicist is absolutely correct . Yes, this started out with alt1701's Engineering set (which Redfern has, in fact, rendered quite beautifully, several times!), in much the same way I started with Sean Robertson's 1701 bridge model to create the one I currently offer (I think the only things I didn't remodel on that were the hundreds of buttons! ). I get obsessed with adding detail to these things, which usually means using them as templates and then building many new components in their place.

Eventually, yes, the '4th season' Engineering set will be released into the wild; I was lucky enough that I didn't lose the most recent work I'd done to it (one of the advantages of Poser, too, is that by default, a scene contains the geometry of the models used in it, esp. when they're imported from raw OBJs, and I render nearly everything I do in Poser ). This version, however, probably won't show up, since it's really just kind of a 'sketch,' intended almost exclusively for this month's challenge (although I'm thinking about maybe visiting some of the concepts in an Engineering space for my Crossbow-class ship design ).
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