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He's let Holmes in on a number of investigations -- including the Moran affair -- and he would have to answer for why his unofficial consultant kidnapped, attempted to torture, and assaulted the subject the suspect.

For Gregson's own self-preservation, he needs to maintain the fiction that Moran got the drop on Holmes and Holmes attacked him in self-defense. That doesn't mean that he has to like it. And he clearly doesn't. But there's nothing he can really do.
To a first approximation, senior police figures never face consequences in the rare instances a lower level policeman being tried and convicted on charges. So literal self-preservation isn't realistically the problem. But it's true that his career might be on the line.

Aidan Quinn's Gregson might not be genuinely realistic. But he seems like a real person if you don't look too closely. More importantly he's pleasant company in my living room and essential to these insane but entertaining mysteries.
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