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Re: Why does Batman leave his mouth exposed?

Someone did a story where Tom and Martha took Bruce to see Finding Nemo.

(I'm serious. They didn't say "Finding Nemo", but there was a fricking Clown Fish on the movie screen in several panels... So maybe the artist was screwing around and the writer had no idea what was happening?)

And then after the shock of his parents dying, Bruce butched it up so he didn't seem like a wuss... Not in this comic, but how we bridge the schism.

I mean what's worse?

"My Parents died taking me to see Finding Nemo."


"My parents died taking me to see Zorro"

From an 8 year olds perspective that's a world of difference.

And I know you think you're still young Neyrs, but the only place you could see an Antonio bandaras Zorro Movie on the big screen is at a Revival movie theatre.

Dark Knight returns is the "sequel" to All-Star Batman and not regular Batman, or New 52 Batman.

I was rather chuffed when I fiigured that out, but then they just forgot to make any more All-Star Batman, so it didn't matter.
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