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Re: Female changeling stupid??

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My theory is that the
inhabitants of the Gamma Quadrant may have a totally different psychology than the Alpha Quadrant.
I accept that as a possibility.. Kinda proves my point that she's stupid though. She's spent enough time with solids from the Alpha Quadrant to get a guage on them? Especially the Cardassians..
It does look like the overconfidence and being naive about how AQ cultures behave makes them appear stupid.

I think they're much smarter, but their decisions seemed weird.

Considering how they started treating the Cardassians before, it's a wonder how they never saw any of that coming.

Especially how Weyon dealt with Damar.

Weyoun pushed him over and over again, even when they could see he was irritated. One of the first things he destroyed after starting the rebellion was the cloning facility.

Or how they constantly underestimated their enemies.

The Jem Hadar let Sisko and crew escape and capture or end up killing most of them, when they had the entire crew under lock down and they had the all the guns.

Earlier on in the war, Dukat was able to hold them off, because they needed the Cardassian military and also to sell the image of them as being trustworthy allies to other powers.

No AQ culture is going to trust the Dominion after that debacle.
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