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Re: Why does Batman leave his mouth exposed?

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The dates have been sliding for quite a while.

Unless his parents took little Brucie to see a really really old movie...

Antonio Bandaras is going to be the Batman's inspiration quite soon.
In fact, the name of the movie the Waynes saw that night was never specified in the comics until Frank Miller established it as The Mark of Zorro in The Dark Knight Returns in 1986 -- as an homage to the influence Zorro had on Bob Kane in creating the character. So it was already meant to be an old movie at the time.

I believe the first version of the origin to name the movie was probably "The Fear," the 1985 Super Powers Team episode by future Batman: TAS producer Alan Burnett. In that version, the movie was Robin Hood. Although you'd think that would've been an inspiration for Robin rather than Batman.
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