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Re: Would you prefer a 4 day week?

I used to work a four-10-hour-day work week when I was younger. I loved it.

You go in and get out slightly ahead of and behind the worst traffic, which is especially important in Southern California if you have to commute.

Your party night recovery time becomes Friday morning instead of Saturday, letting you have a full two days+ from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening to take a short driving trip if you want (which I did a lot, especially to Vegas, the mountains to camp out, and Tijuana before it became really cartel-ey), or a three-day trip if you head out Thursday evening after work.

You're physically and mentally more relaxed after the extra day off and return to work with a better mindset and are more productive as a result.

The extra hour before and hour afterward are not significantly more taxing than an eight-hour work day, especially with an hour lunch and two breaks.
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