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Re: The best continuity...?

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I do think that the Borg were overused to the point where they were never really much of a threat--seeing as one starship beat them every time.
I counted the number of appearances of the Borg in Voyager, and, not counting hallucinations or holographic representations, we only saw them 3 times in Season 3, twice in Season 4, 3 times in Season 5, 4 times in Season 6, and 5 times in Season 7. That's only 17 direct run-ins with them, and having that high a number of encounters with them makes sense given that the Delta Quadrant IS their home base/territory.

Though when S3 began everything related to the TCW was dropped, then wound up in a single episode that never bothered to answer who the 'Future Guy' was, or what the over all point of the TCW was.
Even if the conclusion to the arc was less than satisfying, Enterprise did maintain a continuity of storyline and did so in a manner that was much closer to the way DS9 handled story arcs.

DS9 wasn't the only series to have recurring plot elements, themes, species and characters, both VOY and ENT had them as well (so did TNG though not to the same extent), but DS9 was just in a better position to do it, since they were a station.
Hmm. I think the last statement you make is open to debate, but that's neither here nor there.

DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise dealt with story arcs and multi-part episodes much differently than TOS and TNG did, and also dealt with serialized characterization and character development differently, which was the point I was trying to make. There are certainly things that Voyager and Enterprise could have done to improve and enhance the way they dealt with continuity and the serialized nature thereof, but, as I noted, I firmly believe that the degree of continuity and serialized storytelling and characterization and character development in both series is much greater than many people would believe.
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