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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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^To be fair, we have no idea how much later that award ceremony took place. Though, they did have time to rebuild R2-D2.
Honestly, I doubt too much time went by. Then again, I've always wondered why they wasted time on such a ceremony. After all, the Empire now knows where the super-secret rebel base is. True, the feared Death Star is now destoryed, but a fleet of Star Destroyers showing up is still a significant threat, especially since their commanders would be pissed over the Death Star. True, it would have taken time for said fleet to arrive, but I'd have got started the evacuation right away, not assembled everyone for a ceremony, even if it was for the men of the hour.

And in the spirit of this thread, Chewie didn't seem to care about being snubbed at the ceremony.
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