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I chose less than five and then ten years older, but really I think I'd like an older guy at this point. There are of course exceptions for this range, such as my second and third husbands, Patrick Stewart and Bruce Willis.

Isn't Patrick Stewart everyone's exception?

The older you get the more fluid your range becomes and the less difference the age makes. If you have a big gap though at some point the older person's aging issues, whether in looks or life choices or health can potentially cause relationship issues. Yes I know people will say it shouldn't matter, but issues arise just like the do for other differences between people such as religion or culture.

I picked - 10 years even though it makes me bad because my biggest issue with men older than me or even my age has always been that every one of them appears to be a luddite. They listen to the same music they did when they were 20, they eschew any new trends or genres, they really are convinced that all new things life has to offer are inferior to whatever their golden era of life was (usually college).

My test would be..

Me: Do you like Lady Gaga?

Dude: It is TOTAL CRAP!!! (has never listened to it other than in the background of course)

/ GONG!! Good bye.

I can't have these luddite conversations. I don't know why but women seem to be more open to embracing a changing world, in my personal experience* anyway.

* yes this is a generalization based on my personal experience

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