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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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ETA - Of course, as I was in the middle of my post I had to go take care of something, so when I came back and submitted it there have been a bunch of posts in between where people feel differently than me. So, what do I know? Everyone reacts differently.
No, you have good points. I'm pretty damn weak and I don't need anyone to push a revolving door for me, but I have known people who awkwardly jump in the same compartment with me (behind me) so I like people to go first in general. I don't worry too much about the skirt on stairs/elevator thing. I think the last time that was a concern was when I was in high school and we had to wear our tennis skirts all day on game days. Tennis skirts are just ridiculously short. The skirts I wear aren't so short that anyone would be looking up them I hope.

I do really hate scooting across a seat when I'm in a dress or skirt though.
Yeah. My main issue with that list was that while the actions themselves can be polite depending on the circumstances, the original reasoning behind them are kind of outdated and sexist (women are weak, women's virtue needs to be protected, etc.) and in a couple of cases should be something you do for both men and women and not women exclusively.

Edited to add that when RM resurrected this thread, I was going to threaten to resurrect his Treatment of Women thread. But I thought of you and didn't want to send you into a panic attack or something, even with a joke!
As soon as I saw his post a had a reaction gif on deck and ready to go just in case.

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Seems to me that both people are at fault. The pastor's note was obviously outrageous, but it was also inappropriate to post the receipt with her signature showing.
Agreed. I sympathize with the waitresses' disgust at the way her coworker was treated by the pastor, but she did deserve some punishment for publicizing the identifying information (I probably would go for suspension rather than termination, though).

Also, if Applebees is going to attach a mandatory surcharge for large parties of diners (which is perfectly fair), they shouldn't call it a tip, even if it goes to the server(s). Call it a service charge or something. That way, when the receipt asks for an additional voluntary tip (as this one did), people will hopefully be more inclined to leave one.
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