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Re: Things you wanted as a child

I wanted tennis lessons as a child. As a 11 year old I got one summer of them but only because my brother, who was theee years younger, wanted them and I had to accompany him as a minder. My brother always got whatever he asked for. However my brother tired of tennis quickly and the next summer he wasn't interested in going.

My sister loved horses and she used to go to a riding camp each summer as a Christmas present. She also got less for her birthday because of the cost of As the tennis lessons I wanted were in January and February I told Mum I was quite willing to have lessons as a combined Christmas/birthday present (my birthday is in late February).

Mum refused saying "You will never be good enough". I asked her what she meant and she told me I would never be good enough to play tennis competitively. I told her that I wanted to play tennis because I enjoyed the game and it didn't matter if I might not be able to play it competitively. My mother still refused.

I thought it very unfair. She let my sister go to riding camp and my sister would never be a jockey or compete competitively.

I never asked my mother for a single thing ever again. If she asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would say "I don't know" and she would have to either offer suggestions or ask my brother what he thought I would want.
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