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Re: Charlie Brooker's Wiping again

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Who is Charlie Brooker and what is a "wipe"?
His seminal show was Screenwipe, a cynical yet outrageously funny examination of television. It combined reviews of TV shows, his opinions on current trends in television, and behind the scenes investigations of how TV shows are made. The humour ranged from smart jokes to offensive jokes to intentionally bad jokes, but the show also set out to educate viewers about TV production, and the manipulative tricks TV producers use to keep us watching. Here's one of my favourite sequences:

However, Brooker's best show was Newswipe, an even more cynical and even more outrageously funny examination of the news media. It explored how the media sensationalise events and attempt to make themselves relevant by reporting things that aren't actually news. A good episode of Newswipe left you with the impression that our world is doomed.

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