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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

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More evidence that Luke isn't really that emotional, his best friend Biggs is killed during the Death Star battle, and Luke has barely a reaction to it, and gladly accepts a ceremony for himself when all is said and done.
Yeah, okay, in the middle of a battle isn't the best time to mourn, but afterwards I would think the loss of my best friend would put a damper on my mood during the celebrations.
What was he going to do? Start going through overacting/bawling like one of the characters on Grey's Anatomy? We cannot judge what Luke was thinking between landing and the ceremony, as we never see what happened in that period of time.

Let's not forget that Luke has many moments of sadness in ANH; aside from discovering his aunt and uncle, he was not only horrified/angered by Kenobi's "death," but clearly despondent aboard the Falcon, and sadly mentions him again to Leia before the attack on the Death Star.

Hell, the only time anyone cried in the OT was the shirtless fat guy in Jabba's palace after Luke killed the rancor.
I would count Luke's reaction to Vader's secret in ESB, a mix of screaming/crying, judging from the look on his face.
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