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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

Hmh? Basically a good 1/3 of the plots of TNG Season One dealt with space combat between Starfleet and varying opponents - either onscreen battles, or the looming threat thereof, or then historical fights. Romulans had not been heard of for seventy years, yet in two episodes they were prime suspects in space violence. And there were wars left and right that did not directly concern our heroes but did concern Starfleet nevertheless - the war on Mordan IV, the Erselrope wars...

Clearly, Picard from the very start commanded a ship of war, and considered weapons or at least shields a key ingredient in conducting diplomacy and protecting the Federation. If a long mission of exploration was written out of the equation, it wasn't in search of conflict plots. It was probably simply because a long mission would have called for some sort of dramatic continuity, and the format of the show didn't cater for that.

Of course, in retrospect it's easy to argue that Starfleet in-universe cut short the intended mission of exploration right after the pilot episode because they found it wise to listen to threats from a plenipotent entity...

Timo Saloniemi
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