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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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ETA - Of course, as I was in the middle of my post I had to go take care of something, so when I came back and submitted it there have been a bunch of posts in between where people feel differently than me. So, what do I know? Everyone reacts differently.
No, you have good points. I'm pretty damn weak and I don't need anyone to push a revolving door for me, but I have known people who awkwardly jump in the same compartment with me (behind me) so I like people to go first in general. I don't worry too much about the skirt on stairs/elevator thing. I think the last time that was a concern was when I was in high school and we had to wear our tennis skirts all day on game days. Tennis skirts are just ridiculously short. The skirts I wear aren't so short that anyone would be looking up them I hope.

I do really hate scooting across a seat when I'm in a dress or skirt though.

Edited to add that when RM resurrected this thread, I was going to threaten to resurrect his Treatment of Women thread. But I thought of you and didn't want to send you into a panic attack or something, even with a joke!
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