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VOY Caption This 101; A Fresh Start!

I'm starting this next caption contest a week earlier because the previous one did not seem so popular. I admit that the last caption contest was a bit of an experiment, I wanted to try something different and in any case we're going back to basics with this contest.

Our winner (there would only be one winner) from the last contest is:

R. Star wrote: View Post

Chakotay: We're going to attack that Kazon encampment over that ridge.
Kim: Shouldn't we call for reinforcements?
Chakotay: I'm a main character. Nothing bad can happen to me. Follow me!

Hogan: How'd you survive that ambush Harry? Everyone else died.
Kim: I curled into a fetal position and started crying like a little girl. The Kazon decided they could harm Voyager more by letting me live..

Neelix: I looked up old Indian customs and apparently we're supposed to dine on his flesh to honor his memory. And smoke lots of dope.
Paris: Way ahead of you Neelix.
Kim: Wait! That's right, Chakotay is dead! I might be up for a promotion!

ECH: In my first role as the ship's new first officer, I am to evaluate all the personnel files. It shows here that you're on pace to break the existing tenure as longest ensign. Your request for promotion will be considered.

Janeway: Promote Kim?
Seven: According to my projections his rate of whining will increase by a rate of 30% a day, until he finally does. He will be bothering you an average of 28 times a day on the issue tomorrow for example.
Janeway: Ugh, promote him just to shut him up. Give him the news.

Kim: I'm promoted to lieutenant? And you're my promotion gift?
Seven: You may service the collective now, lieutenant.
Kim: This is all a dream isn't it?
Seven: Mmm-hmm. You didn't think I'd throw myself at you a second time in the real world did you? Your wet dream will be waking you up momentarily.


Congratulations to our winner, and now the next batch of pictures to be captioned:

The next contest will start on the 8th of February.

Have fun!
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