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Re: Things you wanted as a child

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There were two toys that I remember wanting but didn't ask for because I didn't want to be mocked by my family. I liked dolls and had them, but a lot of them were just considered too silly by my siblings and parents, I guess? One doll I wanted, I don't remember the name, but you would buy it and then find out if it was a boy or a girl or something like that. It probably already had a name from a list, too. The other toy I wanted was the "Puppy Surprise" which was a stuffed dog that had somewhere between 3-5 puppies.
I remember Puppy Surprise! But I never got it.

I did end up with a Cabbage Patch doll that my sister got as a present but thought was silly, so that was my baby instead.
I did have a Cabbage Patch kid, though. I won him in a Cabbage Patch Look-Alike contest when I was 2. Apparently they tried to give me a blonde baby girl in a frilly dress, but I wanted a bald baby boy, and so I got Marlin Rudolph, and I still have him in a box somewhere.

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