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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Episode 14: Hell’s Maw

“This entire surrender concept is nonsense,” One muttered as he observed the prisoner exchange on the sensors. “It makes it sound as though they defeated us!”

“John,” Caprica said with a sigh. “We were beaten—defeated. That is why we are running. And we need them.”

“The Guardians defeated us, not these humans!” One snarled. “But no, we cannot surrender to Zoe because she wants to literally skin each and every one of us—so instead, we are surrendering to the Colonies whose ass we kicked! They were beaten . . . and now, they get to gloat!”

Boomer snorted, and One couldn’t help himself—he winced at the look on her scarred and disfigured face. “They were never beaten, John,” she said. “They ran, but they were never defeated—they never quit fighting, they never laid down their arms, they would have resisted us until the bitterest of ends. Whereas we? Right now, we don’t even want to engage the Guardians—they find us and we jump. We dare not fight them, because we are no longer immortal—and that scares us. It scares you.”

One felt a cold chill and he opened his mouth, but D’Anna nodded. She was still weak and pale, but her wound had improved to the point where she could join her brothers and sisters. “She’s right, John. Look around you—we have three Basestars remaining; just three out of the entire force that we built to fight the Colonies. Three. And those freighters, along with a single Resurrection Ship and ONE escort. That is all that is left of our people, John.”

“We cannot build new Raiders, we cannot build new Centurions, we have no facilities for cloning new bodies—once the stores on the Resurrection Ship have been expended, we will have no more lives forever. Unless Daniel was speaking the truth—unless the Hidden Five know the secrets of how he built the clone-tanks to begin with. We are unable to procreate, despite it being a commandment of ‘God’,” she said bitterly, “only one of us has managed to conceive and bear a child. Just one. And she left us. And despite the fighting we engaged in with the Guardians, despite all that our Brother of your Line did at Cylon Prime, Zoe still has more than two dozen Basestars of her own—and manufacturing complexes we have yet to ferret out. What does your cost/benefit analysis tell you of that, John?”

The command deck of the Basestar grew quiet until Caprica spoke. “We have no choice. They will not surrender to us—therefore, we must surrender to them. If we are to survive, there is no other choice.”

One-by-one, the different models nodded their agreement, until only One was left.

“Fine!” he snapped. “I still think they are going to get the POWs back, glean what intelligence we have available on the Guardians, and then kill us. But what do I know?”

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