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Re: Movies: that last shot

I love this shot because, after an hour or so of (mostly) fun and games as Graysmith pursues his passion, we're reminded right at the end of the tragedy and horror of the killing spree. This young man just looks destroyed, even after all the years since.
I completely agree with this. It's a reminder that this case had human victims and it's not about jurisdictions, puzzles fax machines, handwriting, or any of that. There were people affected by this.

That said,I do think that Zodiac, in many ways, not really about a serial killer, or even the search for him. That might be the story, but it doesn't really grasp the entirety of theme. I think that these story elements, cvertainly powerful enough on their own to carry a film, all support what I believe the more overt theme of the film: America's plunge into the unknown domain into the "Information Age." This film is as much about communication and processing information as it is about anyhting else, just as new technologies (like the aforementioned fax machines, as well as computers) unite all the facets, from newspaper organizations to police operations to the Federal Government, and all the players involved find that they have to work their way through the idea of using these things and sharing in order to get a handle on this case. Nowadays communication between all of these parties is relatively smooth, and it was getting there during the time of the film, but there were flaws, and all of them were touched on in the movie. I like how, late in the film, when Graysmith visited Avery at his house, Fincher had a game of Pong playing on the television.. placing us in a certain time contextually to remind where were technologically. That's one of the great things about this film, is how we are always given the time and the context against which this investigation played out, despite how long it lasted.
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