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Re: Weird things we do in our sleep

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Once when I was a freshman in college, my roommate produced an audio recording of what he claimed was me snoring. I dispute this claim. If I snored that loud, I would wake myself up. And the ASPCA would have arrested me for torturing an elephant, because that's what it sounded like.
I snore like a docker and am also a very light sleeper, but have never woken myself up with my snoring. If my husband makes the slightest noise in his sleep, however, that does wake me up. Odd, but there you have it.

I suspected I may have sleep apnoea, or something like it, because I wake up a lot at night. One time I woke up, wasn't breathing, and, for a few seconds, was unable to start breathing again. I was trying to remember how to breathe! That was scary as hell, and confirmed that, yes, I must stop breathing in my sleep at times.
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