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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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This story reminded me of this thread, so I hope no one minds a bit of necromancy.
I hate you. I'm getting all just thinking about tipping again now.
Well, next time you get a receipt asking for a tip, just write "Durga bless you!" instead.
I know it's a joke but I was trying to figure out why that seemed so wrong to me. Not only is it an insult to the waitress, but it feels like an insult to my god as well. Like, if I were attributing human emotions to my god, I'd think that she'd be ashamed of me for behaving in such a way.

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And, for those who might be curious or simply don't know, the three times it's acceptable for a man to go or walk ahead of a woman (per gentlemanly etiquette) are:

1.) In a revolving door, so you (the man) are pushing it.

2.) On an escalator or stairs, so she won't worry if you're looking up her skirt.

3.) When entering a taxi, so she won't have to slide over or hike up her skirt doing so.
I always get a bit nervous with revolving doors so I appreciate anyone going before me. And yes to number three, I wish more guys thought about this!
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