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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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If either the new Xbox or PS4 require online connections there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I will ever buy them, I don't care how incredible the software is, nothing doin' PERIOD.
The consoles may not "require" it, but they may be practically useless without it. Sony and Microsoft do not care even a little that some people will forego the console on that basis. It's not enough people to matter.
Oh I fully realize that, just throwing my opinion in the ring. I know the glory days of gaming, the golden age is long behind us and now we have mindless, cheap apps and shallow MMORPGs. Everything is geared towards "social interaction" which is truly a contradiction since everyone is sequestered in their basements as they play (anyone remember local area connection sessions? Or even "two player mode?")
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