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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

It could be that they're just looking at the impact pf new subscriptions to judge HoC because they aren't giving it a fair trial in seeing how it helps retain subscriptions.

I looked for the show on my Mac, my iPad and Roku. If I depended on just those for my new show recommendations, I would not know it existed! Okay maybe my Mac browser is so futzed up that it's blocking the popup ad for the show, but that could not be true for iPad and certainly not Roku, which doesn't allow for the same degree of customization /screwing things up.

On Roku (my main way of accessing Netflix), the show was not in my Top Ten or Popular on Netflix. It should have been there or better yet, advertised in its own special "ribbon" for new original content, so it was the first thing I saw. I literally had to type "h-o-u-s-e" into search to find the damn thing. Madness! I seriously wonder if there is some technical reason Netflix wants subscribers to not watch this show during the free trial period. Why would a company not advertise a new product to their captive audience of existing customers, who can be reached with ridiculous ease?
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