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I'm not loving the Anne story line. Would you really just drive up and introduce yourself at the risk of causing more trauma? you have no idea what has gone on in this child's life. Wouldn't you call the police to make the first contact? or investigate it? or see if someone is going to be charged with kidnapping?
Have you seen Dallas before? lol Thinking things through was never a strong suit for most of the non-JR characters.
The Anne character is the weakest link here, IMHO. The actress was poorly cast... she doesn't stand out to me as a suitable mate for Bobby, either. I can only see her as the character from Desperate Housewives, and I don't find she's in sync with the rest of the cast somehow... I can't explain it well enough. I like her in other things but not this project.

This kind of synergy between the actors is critical... I'm trying to decide if I'm able to still watch post-JR (I am loving each and every one of his brief scenes!!) and Bobby, Sue Ellen, JR Jr. and Pamela are doing it for me. Bobby's son and his squeeze, not so much, but I know they are mere foils for JR. Jr.

Anyway, back to the sloppy long-lost daughter storyline, it is classic old Dallas but you can sort of see where it is heading... Anne will have to somehow 'choose' between her daughter and Bobby somehow (giving up the biofuel secrets?) and choose her, but Bobby will forgive her anyway and it will be discovered that the daughter had been brainwashed from birth to hate her mom as a revenge fantasy from her ex... etc.

By the way, props to the writers for including 'Pamela' somehow... It might be enough to fill a missing hole in the legacy cast. Jeez, the premiere was great but they missed out on an appearance by Cliff Barnes! Hope to see him soon and I hope JR and he have one last scene together.
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