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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

And speaking of overused, okay Julie Plec, I get that you love the eye candy and that any excuse to have the guys on the show with their shirt off is a good excuse for ya, but SERIOUSLY? Even I busted out laughing when Jeremy had to Hulk out and just rip his shirt in half to tear it off his newly-buff body. Steven McQueen has been an unsung gem on this show from the beginning and I'm glad he's getting a storyline that doesn't involve angsting over a chick, but that "oh, I must rip my shirt off to show the tattoo" moment was just ridiculous. Sorry.
I laughed like a loon and not in a good way.

Who is he - the Incredible Hulk? They should have just shown the tat growing up his arm and possibly up his neck a bit.

We got to see all of Becca's boy toy tat. We knew what it looked like.

That was just a ending to an otherwise pretty solid ep.
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